Weedeater Finishes Filming New Video

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June 24, 2011

Weedeater has issued the following update about filming a new music video:

Hey all, although we can’t let you see it quite yet, the “Mancoon/Turkey Warlock” video is finally complete! Big thanks to Scion for funding it, big thanks to David Brodsky and My Good Eye for coming down to the swamp to film it, and big thanks for all of you who showed up at Reggie’s (including the owners/employees, who also rule) to participate in the action.

After viewing, those of you from the old school might recognize that some portions of the filming took place out in the swamps of Hampstead at the old Weedeater house (thanks, Jimmy!). Aside from the water moccasins, the alligators and the giant Hampstead mosquitoes, we couldn’t have asked for a more suitable location. The video will be released July 13th, so stay tuned for more info.

There will be other news soon too, including a tour of the US and Canada in September and October and a new website coming this summer. More on all of that soon folks. And please don’t forget to stop by our Shirtkiller store to check out the brand new shirt and hat designs by Guerilla (‘Moon Ape’ and ‘Crest’ being the newbies), plus if you’re lucky you can still pick up one of the very last green vinyl *Jason* LPs anywhere. Just go here. OK, that’s it for now. Thanks as always for your support!

Well, hopefully I’m not the only one who’s beyond excited for the new video. Give me slums, bums and swamps, that’s all I ask for Weedeater.

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