High Gravity Entertainment

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July 7, 2011

As someone that is unacquainted with local bands from NJ, learning about High Gravity Entertainment was exactly what I needed. The venue where they book their shows at is called The Meatlocker which has been around since the 1980’s. Jonny Ferry of, now dead, NJ Punk Online had this to say about it:

The Meat Locker is the new all ages home of punk rock for North New Jersey. Since its return to punk in September, 2006, hosted by the Pinheads, the Meat Locker has played host to many local and national acts. Like a rubber-necking motorist, you instantly feel compelled by the shabby venue upon entering. The walls are littered with graffiti as if a gang of wannabe taggers was invited to paint the place during a blackout. The smell can be described as musty on its best day; putrid on most others. And the noise delivered to your soon-to-be pierced ear drums is anything but professional. All in all, the ideal cradle for the once thriving NJ PUNK scene to rebuild. All punks agree.

Each show usually runs you about $5, which is practically nothing, so the only real foreseeable cost is that of transportation. Another plus, in my book, is that they regularly have weekend gigs through-out the year. Anyone in Northern NJ should come here at least once to experience the underground scene at its seediest.

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