JorZine: The Arabian Metal WebZine

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May 18, 2011

If you’re one of the people that have become acquainted with me in recent months then you no doubt know of my obsession with the Arabian metal world. Call it a passion or my own special brand of OCD (they both mean essentially the same thing, right?), but my quest to share music from this region has lead to a good deal of introspection for me.

I do all I can to give back to the artists and so, as part of that effort, I am sharing a particular webzine that I came across five months ago. It’s creators named it JorZine and it’s dedicated entirely to -drum roll- Arabian metal!

From their page:

JorZine is Arabian E-Zine to Support Underground Middle Eastren Rock & Metal Scenes, offering bands the opportunity to go international by introducing them professionally through the music industry.

Brief History

It all started on 2006, when a group of friends who shared the same passion for music came together and decided to make history, living in a place where metal is still young, we felt the need to give it the support and publicity it merits. Launching what is now considered to be the leading webzine about Middle Eastern Metal/Rock on the 1st of May 2006, uniting the bands, fans, musicians, and above all, what is now dubbed as “The Middle Eastern Metal Scene”.

They feature interviews with bands from multiple Arab countries, some reviews, band listing, latest Arabian metal news, and downloads for bands with non-commercially available releases. I highly recommend bookmarking their page.

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