LeGrand Photography w/ Mary Helen LeGrand

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July 2, 2011

Have you ever wondered which photographer would be the best fit to take your children photos? Maybe you need some senior photos done so that all your distant relatives can see how grown up you are since you graduated high school? Are you in a band and need some promo photos for really cheap but you don’t want to pay for horrible ones? Two words answers all those questions mentioned above, LeGrand Photography. LeGrand Photography is a lifestyle and on-location photographer from Fort Smith, Arkansas, who caters to the greater North West Arkansas region. She centers her business around providing you with creative and quality images that capture your memories, personality, and special moments. Also, if you are a fan of her Facebook page and want some photos done, you might be eligible for special offers and promotions. For all those bands, Mary Helen understand that it’s expensive and hard to pay for everything when on tour or just gas to get from one gig to the next. That’s why she only charges a cheap $25 per member fee for the best promo shots you’ll get anywhere. What more do you want? A professional woman that takes brilliant photos that could last you forever for a very reasonable price. Life’s hard enough, take the smart road and see Mary Helen for everything you need when it comes to the best in photography.

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