Mideast Tunes

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August 4, 2011

While Europe, and now the US, has Spotify, the Middle East has Mideast Tunes. The project’s aim is to promote/encourage underground talent in the Middle East and North Africa. This is something that is vital especially with the political and economical turmoil in that part of the world. Consequently, the project was started by Mideast Youth which is a site that allows youths in the region to publish opinion articles and reports on the social/political issues plaguing their respective countries. It’s a place that promotes civil intellectual discourse between the different faiths, races and creeds present in that part of the world. For this reason, amongst others, Mideast Youth and all its projects deserve as much support as it can get from the global scene. Go on down and check both sites out whenever you get the chance. Oh, and here’s a nifty promotional video for Mideast Tunes!

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