Netherion: At the Verge of Success

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February 12, 2014

The Syrian death metal band “Netherion” has been on a streak of gaining attention from all over the world ever since the release of their debut full-length “Sphere of Terror” from many international metal enthusiastic websites and magazines. They have also gained attention from different radio stations and even a film company with the recent news from After Hours Films to be shooting a documentary about Netherion, which will be narrated by, and featuring the front-man of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider. These happenings have been circulating the web and spreading like wildfire, and on a personal note I believe they deserve every last bit of the attention they’re getting.

Netherion started out in 2009 when the guitarists Nihility and Rusty met in college and decided to jam together. Later on Rusty introduced the bassist Esseh who became a full-time member in the band, and Khalid Nassar, Netherion’s previous drummer.

Fadi Massamiri of Eulen, Abidetherein, and Viieden later joined in replacing Khalid Nassar on drums, and he now serves as a full-time drummer of the band and has played the drums heard on the album.

Since each member of the band has a different musical background, the band draws influence from many genres and that has contributed to the unique sound of Netherion, they don’t stick to a certain sub-genre of death metal, in fact, they’re all over it.

The progression in music is outstanding, ranging from raw blast-beat driven death metal to modern melodic/symphonic death and even a little oriental metal influences, all topped with Gilbert’s old-school hoarse vocals manifested in mid pitched growls, sharp high screams, and some really deep guttural brutal squeals to create one full sound. These guys can definitely deliver.

Netherion has been a unit ever since they started, they share the same passion and dedication to their music, and they were determined to succeed ever since the beginning. From the looks of it, they’re getting there. Especially with the outstanding help from the extreme talents in promoting at Brutiful Metal Promotions representing for Netherion by the great DeAnna Bersell (a.k.a DJ ViX at Brutiful Metal Radio).

I remember Gilbert once telling me (pre-release of the album) that one day they will hit it big no matter what, and I can’t be any happier to see this coming to reality.

On a more local scale, Netherion would be the first band to emerge from Syria to have a documentary shot; and so far, they’re the flag-bearers of Syrian Metal to international acclaim among other names such as Eulen, Anarchadia, Viieden and Abidetherein.

I am honored to know these guys, and to consider them as brothers of mine, in metal, in life, and in business. Here’s to Syrian Metal, here’s to Netherion, and here’s to success.

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