Shootyouintheface Photography w/ Brandi Tyner

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August 4, 2011

Another great photographer has recently caught my attention and what’s the best way to idolize her work and help her gain the attention she deserves? How about we make her this weeks promotion so that people can see what she does best. Dwelling deep inside the streets of the sunny, very alive town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, the very talented and uplifting spirit of Brandi Tyner has been taking photos for bands, live shows and anything else since the early part of 2004. She mights specialize in live shows and band promos but she’s willing to do anything to make you shine like the king/queen you were meant to be through the lens of a camera. Want some promos done at the best rate you can get them for? Look to Shootyouintheface Photography because for an easy $40-$80 overall, you won’t be disappointed in the final product. Portraits of any kind? Easy payments in the form of $30-$90. The more you want done, the higher the price but who can complain when you have a great talent behind the lens making you look immortal in all ways possible, right? I just hope you make the right choice if you’re in a band or want something done in the future because Shootyouintheface Photography and Brandi Tyner is a force that nobody can stop in the creative field of beauty.

*Traveling outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas will cost extra*

Contact Brandi Tyner at the links above, reach her via or via phone at (479)-935 5959.

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