Straight From The Underground Vol. 1

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August 15, 2011

Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve been made aware of several compilations that are interesting, if not worth a long listen. One of them comes from a Facebook community profile associated with a blogspot whose main mission is to promote underground music from just about any genre. Underground Music Unites‘ tag-line, “for all music lovers regardless of genre preference, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ect,” appeals to my own vision for Blood or Love so I was sold on the idea of this compilation from the start. After some digging, it appears that Trever Ronde, the man behind the project, also does reviews, interviews, and show booking for artists which is rather impressive to me.

This busy man just released at the start of this month his first volume in the Straight From The Underground compilation series. The variety on this release is great though the majority of the deathcore and metalcore songs are not something that I dig. That being said, I did come across some tracks that I did enjoy quite a bit like the first one on the list, “Intro” by It Came From The Sea, and Casket Robbery‘s “Everyone Dies.” Another thing that impressed me about this compilation is that the bands listed are from all over the United States. It’s good to see a small organization that isn’t regional like most tend to be. You can download the compilation here via mediafire or by visiting its bandcamp page here.

Trevor has a volume 2 and 3 already in the works so keep an eye out on his site for updates!

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