The Dying Seed – Tsuba Through Your Throat

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June 9, 2011

I’m not to sure what it is with me and bands out of France but anything the French do music wise is beyond me, I’m automatically a fan. Maybe it’s the fact that they just indulge themselves 100% into everything they do or it could be the fact I just love anything and everything French, either way, The Dying Seed has been hitting them books hard and it shows. The debut full-length from The Dying Seed has be out since May 23rd of this year and it’s hitting people’s ears hard as shit. It’s just balls to the wall Stoner metal with a splash of every single metal genre you can think of. Even though I got told about these dudes by Lundi Galilao of Dead Mountain Mouth, I had no worries he would provide me with some great stuff to jam out on. The Dying Seed is exactly what you need after a long day at work or a long day of dealing with ignorant fucking people. Just sit back and play the whole album as loud as you can so you can feel that anger and sensation of loving life with The Dying Seed.

The first thing that caught my attention about this record, honestly, was the album art. I was floored when I first saw how great it looked and just how the colors pop out at you with a great picture of death and a feel of spring in the air. Of course, the tracks on this record are very well produced, even I can’t complain about anything. Just keep in mind, I’m not a production nerd at all but this recording is just sparkling clean. You can hear every little chord change and bass line without even trying to listen for it. A three piece that does things even a five or six piece can’t do, that’s exactly what The Dying Seed is. The first track, “River’s End”, pretty much sums up the whole album to an extent, with it’s pounding bass lines, drum rhythms that are going to make you beg for more and just the pure intensity of every single tempo change. Sly, Oliv and Loup bring the fucking noise on this record, it’s just that simple. “Trees” has to be one of the stand out tracks on this record, at least to me it is. The vocals are the kind that grab your by your inner guts and keep you wishing more bands did what The Dying Seed does.

One second you’ll get growls from heaven and the next, you’ll be in dreamland with daisies while listening to some soft, melodic vocals that will make you melt.  Another amazing track on the album is the title track, “Tsuba Through Your Throat”, the drum pattern at the beginning will have you hooked from the first second. Not to mention, the vocals are somewhat of in a haunting style which is very refreshing, in my opinion. Among this typhoon of an album is without a doubt in my mind the best outro I’ve heard this year. “Downpour” is just a simple, calm track with rain in the background, a short bass line over the rain sample and there ya go. It’s simple as hell but the way they pull it off is something like voodoo, honestly. Also, if you didn’t notice in this album, you will hear a little Post/Rock/Doom/Psychedelic and a small pinch of Heavy metal so keep those ears open.

Overall, this record will be crushing my eardrums for the next couple month and it would be longer if I didn’t have other stuff to listen too. I just can’t say it enough, give bands like this a shot because even if you don’t like them the first time you hear them, I bet you that in due time, you’ll dig the hell out of stuff if you listen long enough. Actually, if you dig Doom/Stoner stuff at all, look over in France because they seem to be doing something right if I keep loving what they spit out. Check out the links below for anything and everything you need for The Dying Seed and be sure to hit them up to tell them how much you love what they do.

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