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August 11, 2011

You could say that, musically, Chalice of Doom is an atypical melodic death/doom project from Jordan. Their two singles, “Endless Prison” and “To Dust I Shall Return,” are well composed with harsh and clean vocal work. You have piano arrangements in all the right spots, audible bass in the background, and pleasing melodic guitar riffs to compliment everything. Only eyesore for me is the drumming in “Endless Prison.” I find it to be a bit boring, but, thankfully, the drums are a lot better in “To Dust I Shall Return.”

The singles aren’t really gloomy, melancholic or wistful like you would expect music to be in this genre. Both songs give off an unidentifiable sense of mystery in a very introspective manner. It’s as if someone is unveiling a part of themselves while keeping the totality of their existence safely locked away which bleeds inconspicuously into their mannerisms; just enough to make you question what is brewing behind their dull eyes. Personally, “To Dust I Shall Return” paints that imagery more effectively despite the clean vocal work which I am rarely a fan of in a mixing of genres such as this project. With this song, I feel like it fits and adds something rather than detracting from the overall experience.

Lyrically, I appreciate “Endless Prison” more since it’s introspective, a little personal and very poetic.

The water reflected you
Black shadows in my depths
She touched my naked essence
Then sanity has been drowned
lonely shades and warm misery
sick dreams and frail hope

They have a full-length scheduled to be released which will have a re-recording of their demo song, “October Bled”, so that’s something to look out for. Another project to look out for is a Christian black metal band by Fares Swedan, the harsh vocalist and keyboard programmer, named Kissing The Crown of Thorns. It’s quite unique since musicians from all over the world have collaborated on it; Mafia Sherif/guitars from Egypt, Launtaro Paniagua/bass from Argentina, and King Luke/drums from the USA. The band has only one single out named, “The Holy Battle Chants,” running at almost 9 minutes in length but it’s a good run. I tend to dislike anything even remotely related to religion and, as such, I can’t stand completely behind this project. That aside, if you don’t mind the subject matter, then give this a listen. I literally find nothing wrong with the track musically. It’s well produced black metal, no shitty dimmed out drums or muted bass here, and vocal work is great with Azmo Lozmodial doing clean vocals at short intervals (few and far between). Of course, you have keyboards for symphony to tie it all in during the rests before guitars start up again.

I fall into open arms
I realize these arms were waiting for me all along
I am not going to be like these other soldiers
God will grant me victory
Then my silver armor became golden armor of truth
My old shield transforms into a broad golden shield of faith
My shattered sword turned into a mighty golden sword of justice

For the subject matter involved, the lyrics are tastefully done. It’s not preachy or overbearing, something that I can appreciate.

Hopefully you can find time to enjoy both of these developing bands from Jordan. Download “Endless Prison” here and “To Dust I Shall Return” here.

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