A Lo-Fi’s Deprivation

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June 3, 2011

During my ever arresting journey through cyberspace, a gold nugget fell at my feet via the undead nation known as Myspace. An unknown musician from Greece, who is currently even alias free, just released a demo for his personal project called Out of The Circle. The name of the demo is pretty straight forward, “Unfinished Samples From A Lo-Fi Hell,” but it belies the complexity of emotion that I’ve found laying within. He describes his work as melodic crust, but it’s not your typical punk music since it has electronic elements like synths and minor noticeable vocal alterations (as seen in the back-up vocals for “Red Fractions” mainly).

There are two songs that are the crowning jewels of this demo: The first track, “zugzwang,” starts with an interesting sample from the Greek movie The King, also known as O Vasilias, which paves the way for a symphonic ballad permeated with a guitar solo. Using this song as a preset for the rest of the demo, it seems like the electronic additions are the melodic part of this equation. The traditional instruments stay within the realm of crust in a very pleasing way; bass is palpable, dirty guitar riffs, drums vary from blast beats to slower tempos and vocals are very guttural. Most of the songs are very catchy and the vocals play a large role in this.

The fourth track, “Unfinished Samples From A Lo-Fi Hell,” is hauntingly melancholic with an aggressive edge provided via the harsh vocals and bass. This song is a journey. It’s the progression of emotion that I have while walking through a desolate part of the ghetto alone at night. Cracked littered concrete sidewalk, large empty lots filled with unwanted garbage, tag wars spray-painted on the side of abandoned buildings and warehouses, broken glass doors of apartment complexes, pot-hole filled street revealing brick underneath, and a dried anonymous blood smear on a pole that once held a metal stop sign laying nearby next the curb for drivers to somehow obey.

It’s hard to describe the emotions in the rest of the songs since they don’t come out as clearly. That’s my only real critique of this demo and it’s a very small one since that doesn’t make the songs in question any less catchy or likeable. Yet, the lyrics do add a prevailing theme and an emotional weight to the more muddled songs. It’s a story of loss and someone trying to unsuccessfully come to terms with it. The past rears it’s ugly head, tormenting this person’s mind until it’s all that they yearn for. The story is told in three songs via lyrics provided with the demo: track two “Departing (from Utopia),” track three “Degenerate Song,” and track five “Red Fractions.”

our days of freedom
are devoured by the past
a dream was once born
and now it turns black
slaves of the universe
tormented by our lives

-From “Red Fractions”

Overall, I can’t get over how addictive the vocals make this demo. This point can’t be stressed enough since it’s not often that I enjoy vocal work so thoroughly. Hope the songs on this demo haunt your mind as much as they have hounded mine. You can download it here.

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