A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm – Primary Septagon

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June 7, 2011

Gloomy nights and even more twisted days are exactly what A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm brings you from the second this record starts spinning. Coming out of Toulouse, France, only having out an EP and this, the debut album, these dudes are bringing hell from France like the French should be. Within the Sludge/Doom genre we have a ton of bands that try to go for the heaviest and more “ear-popping” sound, with this album, “Primary Septagon”, you will get nothing but very, very chilling tunes from a band that is still learning the ropes. I can’t say they are THE best band to come out but they sure as hell have the what it takes to move this genre in a whole different direction. Oh, also, when you listen to this band at any point, remember, they are a three piece…A FUCKING THREE PIECE that will slap that smile right off your fucking face.

Starting the album out, “Bareste”, is a very up-tempo track that will show you exactly what you’re in store for with this whole record. I mean, any Doom/Sludge track that has a guitar solo in it, you can’t go wrong with, period. “Cross the Skull River” is the next track, weeping in with one of those old-school chant intros within the first 35 seconds. When we think of the Doom/Sludge genre, we don’t expect guitar solos and so called “hardcore” chants but with this band, you get more then expected. “As Million Rats” is the third track to bash the side of your skull in and trust me, it doesn’t let up at all.

As Million Rats” has that more rooted feel to it, it’s the first track on the album that actually reminds you that you’re listening to a sludge band. He has that voodoo feel that you love, that sort of notion that everything is going okay and today will be a perfect day because you’re a fucking badass.

The fourth track is titled “A Possessed Man” but no need to stress because even though this track is the shortest on the album, it’s also one of my favorite tracks. I just get this vibe of a ghost floating around me when this track is blasting through my laptop or over loud speakers. It’s a track filled  with calmness but it does keep that  “heavy as balls” feel to it. Also, it’s something that you can dig without feeling the need to headbanging too hard.

Night of the Hunter”, the one track on this mega of an album that will freak you the fuck out from the beginning. Any song that has children/little girls chanting anything is gonna have me looking over my shoulder throughout the whole track. Half-way into the song, there are more samples of “creepy” things in the background but I’ll let you find them for yourself. It’s just a very well done piece of music that many should be able to appreciate.

Ahh, “Dead Horse”, as many times as I try to love this track, I just can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole gloomy back vocals in between each set of lyrics but it’s just something I can’t put my finger on; I just can’t get to liking this track.

Oh, “Outbred”, how I love thee! You are the reason I love this album so much and exactly why I would listen to this track for days upon days, even if this was the only track on the record.  A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm has stolen my heart with this debut record, that’s for sure. The question is, will they steal your heart or will you just bypass this album like you do most?

When I listen to this album, I can’t help but think of foggy woods that sit behind my house on a Friday night that are filled with creatures from a far away land. It literally puts me in a mood to just let my imagination wonder about anything and everything that really doesn’t exist in my town…..or state for that matter. If you want really good Sludge/Doom from France, do yourself a favor and check out the these dudes because I promise you, nothing will disappoint you about A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm. Below you can check the links and “like” them on Facebook, even listen to the album in it’s entirety on the bands website.


Official Facebook Page. You can download it here.

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