Abandon – Monsters EP

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December 2, 2011

Autumn is an interesting season. The surrounding greenery takes on a more rustic form, and the soft winds that engulf your body are rather cool, but not too cold; a prelude to the coming winter. The dead leaves that lay on the pavement crunch beneath your feet and you look up to overcast skies. I paint this picture in the mind of the reader because Abandon are a band that take you to that particular time and place of the year. Their sound is cold and distant, yet it feels like a comfortable place, allowing you a moment to think about matters that transcend the boundaries of your own mind.

Elaborating on a familiar post-rock sound, Abandon construct mellow atmospheres through subdued guitar work, seductive bass grooves and drums that drone in the background, cementing a perfect foundation for the overall sound by being unindulgent. The EP clocks in at around 52 minutes, which is basically the length that most LPs aspire to be. I was concerned at first, because I thought that the EP would’ve drifted off and set course for disaster-prone territories. It seems I was mistaken, thankfully, and the EP only seemed to gain strength as it went on.

The title track ‘Monsters’ opens the EP on a strong note with the introductory guitar picking creating an ominous vibe – one that carries on until the very end of the track. Umair’s husky voice provides a nice texture to the music and often lays underneath the song melodies. A particularly memorable moment is ‘Land of No Horizon (Monday Morning Sun Remix)’ with its trip-hop laden flirtatiousness. I’ve no doubt in my mind that that track could lead to much urban promiscuity, worldwide.

Overall, this is an impressive effort, and Abandon are an act you should keep your eyes on.

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