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June 15, 2011

In a small town where everything original and out-of-the-box is frowned upon, Blackhole seems to fit very well with the hardcore/punk scene that Missouri is breeding. As much as we love to disregard the hardcore/punk movement these days, it’s still a force to be dealt with, “Blackhole” proves that. Blackhole is made up of four small town dudes that love making fast and angry tunes, deep down inside though, they couldn’t give two shits if you like them or the music. Also, with nothing officially released yet, Blackhole is making some huge statements in the streets of the south.

This self-titled demo reminds me of the hardcore/punk I had blaring in my headphones as I walked into Coleman Jr. High school. It feeds me that angry attitude that makes me want to rebel against everything this world has risen to be. When this record is on, certain urges come over me that make me want to put some black gloves on, move left to right and punch people in the mouth for no particular reason. Just the pure adrenaline that every track on this record has, it’s something out of a secret realm or temple. Elements of hardcore and punk are the huge influences you’ll hear but as you listen to this demo, certain genres start to pop out and smack you in the face. “Homospirituality” has this feel of slowed down hardcore but with some quite catchy and melodic guitar solos in it.

The way Blackhole fuses so many different genres is a relief, even revival  to the music scene in the south. Fusing metal with power-violence, thrash with hardcore, it’s the light we’ve all been searching for in this local area. Lyrically, Hal, the vocalist of this onslaught of a project, hits many nails on the head, from him being tired of “tough guy” thugs, Christianity (to an extent), giving into capitalist bullshit and even small town problems in the community. All the track on this halo of an record are worthy of me explaining but you have to hear this release for yourself to grasp the real experiences it gives.

In reality, Blackhole is that band that knows exactly what’s up in the world. They stand for doing stuff for yourself, not being influenced by weak minded individuals and being DIY to the max. I’m not going to compare Blackhole to other bands because I feel it will take away from what they are and what they stand for but know this, if you dig straight forward, aggressive tunes that are fast as hell, check out Blackhole.

*June 20th is the last day to pre-order the demo, after that no more CD’s will be pressed. Tapes are in the works though so keep an eye out for those.

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