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June 13, 2011

As the chapels of holy spirits and undying religion burst into a raging ball of hatred, Casket Robbery are the ones left standing over the burning corpse while laughing. Hailing from Madison, WI, this 2 piece brutal death project promises nothing but slaughter driven blastbeats and riffs that you can eat for days. Just the name Casket Robbery makes me think of the popular flesh eater/grave digger Ed Gein, or the guy that lives next door to me. There are more to Casket Robbery than just a name though, full of brutality and decaying tracks that will leave you satisfied at the end of this EP.

Brutal Death, in my opinion, is a hundred times better when disturbing and disgusting samples are used. The samples on this EP are hilarious yet wretched at the same time. “I Did Coke With Billy Mays” opens up with a classic Billy Mays quote from his infomercial days, before he passed away from snorting too much coke. If you love brutal death, you’ll love what Casket Robbery has to offer throughout this whole release. Huge plus on this release is that Casket Robbery doesn’t deliver with “pig squeels” or horrible garbage in the field of vocals, it’s all guttural and perfection to my average sized ears. “Vanquish The Veil”, the third track on the record, is my favorite, by far. It has that feeling of melodic chainsaw type activity but with more anguish and destruction to leaves you begging for more blood and inner organs.

“Casket Robbery” is the type of EP that is played at some mass murder scene with hostages being tied up, cut limb by limb and thrown into a pool of acid so the county police won’t find anything. “Killer Clown”, might remind you of the film Killer Klowns From Outer Space, both are filled with chaos, wicked death and spine chilling imagery. Casket Robbery does brutal death the right way on this EP, samples, vocals, riffs. drum machine, it’s all in the right spots at the right time.

Nuclear blasts that leave houses mangled, full of dust and toxic waste, while humans rush to save themselves from the flesh rotting pollution that fills the air. This is exactly what Casket Robbery is, only the good side that gives you orgasms while you sleep six feet under the soaked filled ground. If these guys keep doing what they’re doing, I’ll be happy to jump on a plane or drive to Wisconsin just to see these dudes live or thank them for putting out a crushing EP as this. Just think, this could be your answer to what you wanna play while you kill your partners parents on a dark, cloudy day in November.

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  1. Cory

    June 14, 2011

    Thanks for the review!

    • Nick Williams

      June 14, 2011

      Anytime, dude. It was an honor and we’ll make sure to keep this EP on our desks for a long time.