Cthulhu Youth – Demo ’10

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June 12, 2011

Cthulhu Youth, has to be one of the most underrated bands I’ve came across within the Crust/Powerviolence genre in quite sometime. Only hearing of the band on a couple different occasions, through blogspots, review sites and friends, I wasn’t even sure what they had out or if they had anything out. I literally just got my hands on this Demo from 2010 and I knew from the get go that I was going to have to drop everything I was doing review wise/interview wise/Blood or Love site wise and just listen to this demo over and over and over and over. Nothing speaks to me like a band that has more mystery about them then Gwar, and we all know how random and unrealistic the minds in Gwar are. Hailing out of the streets of London, at least that’s what their Facebook says, I can’t imagine how great these dudes have to be on a day to day basis from practice to the 9 to 5 jobs, just a fucking intense life when you play in a band like Cthulhu Youth, although it seems that way in my imagination.

Any album that is 7 tracks deep and only lasts 13 minutes long, count me in and stack my chips to the ceiling because it’s gonna be a long night filled with feedback and no structure at all. On a serious note, I love albums that just don’t give a shit about anything, not even quality of production. The demo isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard nor is it the best but I can tell you this, the album has more feedback then anything I’ve heard in years. Is that a plus? I think so. Alright, the track “Global Warning Me”, track 6, can get a little bothersome if you have headphones, just like the dumb ass writing this review, because it’s literally 6 minutes of nothing but feedback. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feedback but when it comes to a full 6 minutes, we might have some problems in sunny Arkansas on a night filled with rain and thunder. Not much to say about this demo besides the fact that it’s crucial, quick, heavy and it’s something you can play to annoy the shit out of your parents, girlfriend or even your neighbors on any given day.

The way it flows is really nice though, it’s not a full on assault all the way through the demo, “Stay Posi Die Happy” is a great example of that. Opening up with just some drums pounding in a nice little rhythm, the quickness and balls of the track doesn’t kick in until around the 1 minute mark, even then though, the track never picks up like others on the record.  “Svart Utopia” might have to be the track that stand out to me the most though, just for the riff it has and the way it’s more “all over the place”. The whole damn demo is all over the fucking place but this track seems to be more so than the others.

Great release from a band that is very hidden in the world of Crust/Powerviolence. I say, bring Cthulhu Youth to the States, let them raise hell and burn shit down before they play a nice gig in a huge field as they dress as terrorists. Sound good to you guys because it does me and I’m ready to see what these dudes can do with freedom in a field. I’m gonna try my best to keep an eye on these guys because the next release is a must-buy in my eyes. Check out the links below and pick up the stuff they have, literally, buy anything they have to offer.

Official Facebook. Water Retention Problems. Official Myspace. Buy their shit here.

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