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July 3, 2011

In a world that is surrounded by human remains, bodies soaked in blood and disgusting smells, you get the impression that nothing is going to help you. As you dig for clues, trying to figure out how to escape this hellhole, the smell of rotting flesh and decaying organs make you beyond sick to your stomach. Giving up all hope on everything outside of this landfill, you seem to keep digging deeper and deeper until you find that light of glimmering fate. That bright light of doom you just found is known as Dead To A Dying World, an outfit from Dallas, TX that plays a little thing called “Blacked Apocalyptic Crust”. As much as they love to call themselves that, I’ve came to the decision to just call them Blackened Doom/Crust. A seven-piece that could getting a standing ovation while playing in a Opera house full of rich, snobby people, Dead To A Dying World is something along the lines of masterful if you can get in touch with your soulfulness.

“Dead To A Dying World”, the debut full-length from this monstrous seven-piece is a record that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Three tracks that span over forty-three minutes, if that doesn’t get your excited for this glorious ride in a small section of heaven, I’m not sure what will. Atmospheres of dark, distorted landscapes with chaos reigning down on every human that did wrong while beautiful sections of cello and upright bass separate the clouds so that heaven can shine down on the wicked. “Dead To A Dying World” gives you two worlds, two worlds that will kill and slaughter anything that stands in it’s way of world domination. “We Enter The Circle At Night….And Are Consumed”, the three and final track on the record is a perfect example of two worlds battling. Certain sections of the song it seems as if the holy side is destroying the unholy, with the more beautiful and melodic parts. Right when you think the war is over though, the unholy screams, racing riffs and volumes of bass blow your army back, only to realize your troops are cornered and possibly dead.

“Dead To A Dying World” does things that I’ve never really heard in previous records. The way it perfectly flows extremely ugly riffs with insanely angelic sections, it’s something that more bands should look at for influence and it’s something I could get used to. Also, with all the American bands we have, nobody is doing what Dead To A Dying World is when it comes to create great landscapes. Hell, when I first heard this record I could of sworn that they were from another country, let alone Dallas-fucking-Texas. A solid record from a band that you’ll be hearing a ton more from in the future, at least I can only hope since I’m head over heels for their debut release.

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