Dirge – Elysian Magnetic Fields

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September 14, 2011

Sucked in instantly to the noisy, almost manic din. Atmospheric in all senses, “Elysian Magnetic Fields” is a solid album. The Elysian fields is supposedly where the Greek’s honorable dead went. The magnetic aspect of the album is definitely found in the fiery guitars and extremely noisy ambiance. Although it is a bit repetitive at times, each track is different enough to keep you interested. Angry, passionate, monolithic, desperate, all words that come to mind while listening to this. Just all around awesome! The music ebbs and flows between bursts of fury and moments of seductive beauty with the instrumentals. The use of piano and other symphonic instruments add a different element without decreasing any of the fury and power of the tracks. “Sandstorm” starts off the album with just that, a storm. Followed seamlessly by “Obsidian,” which is dark, and beautiful (similar qualities of actual obsidian). “Narconaut” is a sort of intermission, but still true to the album by keeping heavy on the noise! It slowly picks the pace back up with “Morphée Refuge.” “Falling,” my favorite track on the album, is another instrumental, it’s heavy and full of a sense of impending doom. Then comes the title track “Elysian Magnetic Fields,” it is intense to say the least, with random movie samples and angry vocals, it is definitely a magnificent track. Finally “Cocoon” and “Apogee” finish it off (not quickly, of course), 10 minutes long each, they make sure you remember this album!


Long tracks, deep feeling, wonderful arrangements. The compositions are extensive, noisy, full of dynamic tension and release. Mixed with an almost perfect balance between aptitude and catharsis, while maintaining a teeth clenching intensity. Similar to Isis with it’s lengthy, repetitious tracks, it is easy to get lost in the seemingly endless noise. Very well composed music by a hardcore French band, what more could you ask for? I suggest you give it a listen. Definitely one of 2011’s great albums! Check it out on their page here.

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  1. Bob

    September 15, 2011

    Good review. It’s a very strong album, with great ambience.