Domovoyd; Mythonaught EP

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September 10, 2011

A mythic creature, known as a domovoi...

Domovoi– In Slovak lore is a creature that shavies about the house in which it inhibits and causes many sorts of other-wordly disturbances, quarrels, and highly deceptive tricks such as taking form of the buildings owner and socializing with it’s neighbours while in all actuality the owner is berfit of presence during the conversing. In Russian the term literally translates to “He Of The House “.

I find the name of this band, that hails from Finland, to be perfectly poetic as well as representational of what the band’s sound and subject matter are. Except, instead of being a creature of such sorts, the sound and subject matter seem to suggest to not only inhibit the house in which the speakers which excrete the cosmically cognitive sound into the deepest depths of the listeners psyche to the point in which the listener trans-mutates into “ He Of The House “, Domovoyd’s sound as an entity, seems to inhibit the places mentioned prior, as well, as the entire universe.

This is a case where you can judge an album by it’s covers. As a suspiciously cunning looking wizard lurks ’round a notoriously hallucenogenic amanita mushroom, within a meta-physically life of a forest, that seems to breathe a breath of cold air, life, and death of who ever might catch a glimpse at the mythonautical schemata.

To get to the basics of the foundation of the sound of this breath-taking EP, as it is sure to stand every hair on your neck and arm on end, I find it absolutely necessary to say that these neo-vikings of the universe and doom-metal that hail from Finland are one of the most talented, original, interesting, and enjoyable bands to listen to in the genre. They deserve, and shall surely seek, a prosperous future as long as they press forthward through their galactic trek.

The word psychedelic (a term I do not like to aimlessly tag), literally means “Mind-Manifesting “, which is exactly what this EP is for fans of the stoner-doom genre as it is one of the more psychedelic efforts I’ve heard within the genre. It’s extremely atmospheric, all the songs seem to differ very much from one another, when there’s not an whirlpool of transcendental ambiance there is a very strong entrancing groove the snares one like a fly in a spider’s web. This all being made by all-around great musicianship. This group really seems to work off the chemistry of its members, it’s safe to say that is well portrayed in this album. In the track “ The Summoning Pt.1 ,” it seems as if whatever is to be summoned is coming about and in the second part of the track, it sounds as if that which was being summoned has came about to unleash it’s energies. For the song, “ Magus Of Lust,” seems to be a soundtrack for some sort of magik ritual of lust. “Soothing Doom” seems to be the most rock and roll styled track, with a very jammy beat and very atonal-blues driven and psychedelic riffs.

This is a must have, must hear, and instant classic not just for its genre but the genres related and the ones that influenced its sound. Trust me when I say that my appreciation for doom metal, especially the more stoner rock/psychedelic side of it, is unfathomable and I only write about music I think deserves a good review. Though, I pretty much am under strict order by myself to say this, any sober (which is unusual for this genre) or stoned fan of this music will totally appreciate, love, and cherish this album as a doom classic. If you do consider yourself a fan of the sort of music I’ve described here, download this album as soon as fucking possible! Get it here at their profile on Bandcamp and feel lucky because it is for FREE. While I was there, if I were me or you, I would check out and download their epic debut release as well.

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