Eulen – Mother Tree

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January 4, 2012

The Syrian post-doom/ambient black metal band Eulen has released its first full-length album in 2011, offering a great sense of depression and strength at the same time, where you could sense the emotions represented in the lyrics, harmonized with the whole atmosphere they play with.

The name itself would remind you with the tree of life, yet the music is far beyond the beginning of life, it represents the eager humans in quest of liberation, the weeping mothers of theirs and the children raised in hatred; also, the feelings of hate towards major entities, such as God. The history of mankind is also suggested, remembering man and woman’s creation since the ages of Adam and Eve.

As for the music, it describes the melodies of depression, the ambiance of cold darkness.

Yet, in some parts of the album, you can hear the somewhat poor programming of drums, especially when you hear the snare drum above all the other instruments. Yet, the electric guitars are remarkable and the rhythm (guitar/bass) lays a good foundation for the vocals to top everything. The vocals themselves are not quite astonishing – they’re not as enjoyable as they could be.

But all in all, its a good release and I know I’ve listened to it heavily during some of my darkest days, it helped.

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