Gnaw Their Tongues – All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity

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June 22, 2011

Picture yourself lounging in front of a very large theater screen out in the middle of a very open field. It’s midnight, the moon is full and you have to sit through a film that is nothing like you’ve seen before. A black and white film, covering nothing but suffering, screams from people getting burnt alive in some cult ritual and an atmosphere that is so bleak you start to lose sense of who you even are. Gnaw Their Tongues sets this mood perfectly in his fourth full-length record “All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity”. The mastermind behind Gnaw Their Tongues goes by the name Mories, a dutchman from the Netherlands that is focused on three things; setting a mood that will build beautiful yet dark landscapes, making you want to listen to his records over and over again and scarying the hell out of you to the point you can’t sleep.

Experimental, noise, black metal; you can call Gnaw Their Tongues which ever you please but I’ll simply stick with calling him a creative force that won’t stop until he destroys the whole underground. Feeding you sounds of wretched screeches, huge samples that you will remember when you sleep at night and tons of heavy bass lines, Mories can get inside your head in a split second if you let him. The way that Mories creates these sounds are somewhat magical since it’s mainly all programmed. The only thing that aren’t programmed are the bass which gives you this bottomless pit of Hell feel. It’s the same exact feeling I get when I wake up in the middle of the night from a god-awful nightmare where my whole family is killed in a brutal hostage situations and I’m left soaked in their blood. The vocals, also not programmed, are pretty touching too, not in a good way either. More of in a way that will reach right down your throat, grab your inner organs and pull them out without hesitation. This whole record is muggy, distorted, twisted and just creeps me the fuck out on every level possible.

“All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity” is the type of record that will leave you uncomfortable with the atmosphere it creates. On the other hand, it will leave you pleading for more, mainly because you will love the landscapes it paints. “Broken Fingers Point Upwards in Vain”, the third track on the record uses samples of a woman crying and begging for her life as she seems to be chased by some cult leader that wants nothing more than to tie her up, rape her and just use her at any cost. The samples make this record what it is, they give it life, set the mood for each track individually and make it as unholy as possible. Another great sound effect that is used quite often is the “Witch” effect, as I call it. It’s the same effect that the Wizard of Oz had when the witch would be seen or she would fly away on her broom. Great effects and programming will tear you to shreds on this record so be prepared with a suit made of steel because you will need it, no question about it.

Gnaw Their Tongues is something that most may not like but if you’re really into the whole experimental/noise with a tiny pinch of black metal, you’ll dig what Mories is doing on any of his records. The new record, “L’Arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante”, is out now via Candlelight Records. I’ll be reviewing that record also in the future so keep an eye out and support this one man, hell ride of a project while you still can.

*The last three tracks on the record are vinyl only.

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