Isolation of the Storm

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February 26, 2012

Loneliness is not warm. It is not cold. When all residual emotions have taken their course, it is what we name the emptiness that follows. That process is exactly what listening to “Captains” by Into The Storm is like. They’re a band from Seattle, Washington playing sludge metal in the likes of what Isis and Neurosis created within the genre. You can download the album for free, stream it, or buy the vinyl from their bandcamp page and come to your own conclusions. This is the art the accompanies the release:

Bodhi Zephyr - Very aggressive song. Something I would expect from sludge metal.Jean-Luc Picard - Has a great driving groove with melodic interludes.
John Jameson - This song has a softness about it that I find almost disturbing.K'nuckles - A heavy and sludgey track. A bit more to the point than the first track of the album.
Walter White - The most melancholic song on the album. It takes you by surprise.

This is what was told to me about the band and now you know too:

Released 12/15/2011 after spending over a year renting a house, writing songs, building a studio, recording everything in-house and then finally pressing to luscious vinyl. All DIY nonsense. This marks our second release, accompanied by seven original pieces of art crafted by members of the band.

Recorded and mixed by Matt Jahn. Mastering handled by Paul Turpin at Bayside Recording(Bellingham, WA).

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