Koloss – End Of The Chayot

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July 6, 2011

After a horrible day yesterday, I searched and searched and even searched some more to find something that would lift my spirits up.  I spent hours on various sites looking for anything that might do the job but nothing was going to work, I could tell. After listening to some ska, punk, crust, thrash and even alternative country, I was losing hope, fast. What shall a man do when he feels discouraged beyond belief and has writer’s block for the first time in his life? Two words: Koloss and Sweden. Koloss is a post-metal/sludge/doom/progressive outfit from Vetlanda, Sweden, taking no prisoners and bringing you some of the greatest adventures you’ll go on this year. “End of the Chayot”, is the one record you have to hear and experience for yourself to understand why I think Koloss deserves to be considered one of the top dogs in music these days.

Few bands have actually stuck with me throughout the years since Jr. High and High School, bands like Tool and A Perfect Circle were huge in ways that people will never understand. As time went on, Gojira, Isis, Eyehategod and Cult of Luna started to impact me in various ways. So, what does a man do when he wants to mix all of those bands together? You begin a journey for fulfillment, understanding and a concrete piece of music that will never leave you. Koloss delivers on levels that the bands mentioned above do, only in different ways. They give you brilliant structure with ten minute songs that are consumed with massive bass lines, gloomy yet addictive vocals and riffs that will rip the flesh from your body in a heartbeat. “Gaia”, the opening track on the record, provides you with everything you’ll need to know and understand while this record is spinning. Insane amounts of build, feedback in a couple sections and some drum patterns that remind me of a good ol’ fashion African tribe rhythmic dance.

Imagine if Tool and Eyehategod were married, they hated one another but they knew that if they didn’t have a child, the family name would die for good. So, they take some time off touring and do nothing but have hot, passionate, raw sex for months. As time passes, they learn that they are expecting the most amazing, beautiful, creative baby in the entire world. They name him Koloss and he grows up to be one of the most underrated, high-octane outfits in recent history. “End of the Chayot” is the masterpiece that will be overlooked for no good reason at all. I might be going a bit far and most of you might think I’ve lost my fucking mind but if my mind serves me right, Black Sabbath is overplayed and we need a new king, correct? If it was up to me and I could give a crown to any band on this planet for a debut record, Koloss would get it by ten fold.

I understand that most will probably disagree with me but just give this record a listen and let it sink into those brains that you were blessed with. As I’ve said in past reviews, if this record doesn’t hit the points that I made in the review when you listen to it, I’ll buy you a plan ticket so that you can come slaughter me with your weapon of choice. Koloss, “End of the Chayot”, – the one record that can bring you an overwhelming sense of sunshine.

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