Lapis Lazuli – A Loss Made Forever

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July 12, 2011

My relationship with symphonic metal has always been pretty straight forward, it’s either I hate the release so much that I disregard the band forever or I love the record and I keep the band on my playlist for months on end. Hundreds of bands have been disregarded over the years but a couple have actually stayed to whisper sweet nothings in my ear as I dream of mystical landscapes and wonder why I wasn’t blessed with the pleasure of being a wizard as a small child. Sweden’s own Lapis Lazuli is one of the few bands that deserve credit for me enjoying a small percentage of symphonic metal. It all started last year when their debut record, “My Mortal Stain”, was released. “A Loss Made Forever”, only coming a year after their debut, is the sophomore record from this six piece that can rock with the best of ’em. If you’re wondering, I still get the same thought from Lapis Lazuli as I did before, I want to be an old, powerful, wise wizard.

So, as I twist and tangle my way through “A Loss Made Forever”, I begin to wonder if symphonic metal has finally created a permanent spot inside my heart? The answer to that question is, yes. Lapis Lazuli seems to be very realistic to the point that they can overcome anything that’s thrown at them. Oh, they have to fight a wave of minotaurs while a black wizard tosses boiling acid at them? No fucking problem for Lapis Lazuli, that’s a normal, every day thing for this bunch of warriors. “A Loss Made Forever” is the type of record that simply won’t let you walk away with an unpleasing feeling in your stomach. On the other hand, it can very much be a roller coaster of emotion but with a structure that builds infinite amount of possibilities. Maybe deep inside my soul I dig this record so much because it hits spots that are unknown to me. It’s also a strong possibility that this record makes me feel like I know magic and I could turn my cat into a fish with one snap of my fingers.

How do you create “A Loss Made Forever”? Throw in some soaring vocal work from the lovely Frida, a pinch of heavy yet catchy riffs from Johan and Tobias plus some killer beats and slams from Jocke. Lastly, you need the final touch, Henrik on bass does a very good job at letting his sections be heard loud and clear while Timo, keyboardist/vocalist, let’s his pipes scream volumes with large amounts of talent behind the keys. “A Loss Made Forever” is sort of an adventure through struggle, unknown territories and more struggle. “A Loss Made Forever”, the second track on the record, is the first sign that things are’t okay. Broken memories, shattered realms are bleeding and happiness is far from the answer. “Home”, the fourth track, sums it all up that the character on the record is lost but somewhat content with how things are going to be in his/her life.

Final verdict? I enjoy this record and I enjoy Lapis Lazuli a great amount so I have no complaints. The one thing that I’m worried about is that they might have problems within the band and someone might leave or whatnot. Please, don’t let this happen because I am very, very pleased with how the line-up is right now. “A Loss made Forever”, worth a listen and a buy.

*Photo at the top was taken by Louise Boström

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