Lost Sphere Project – Third Level Of Internal Failure

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August 4, 2011

Welcome to the goretastic world of sodomy and adulthood. In a world where you have to bleed for the opportunity to become royalty and even shed some form of pain to travel freely among the slaves and worthless scum. The world might not have an official name by the government that oversees everything but the towns people like to call this blackened soul of a town, Lost Sphere Project. Lost Sphere Project could be called a sanctuary of sorts but when it comes down to it, the crypts that dwell far below the city, that hell is the type that no man, woman, child or corrupted soul should ever have to see. Not enough details for you about the Lost Sphere Project? How about we take a journey down “Third Level Of Internal Failure” and see what we can find in the mugginess of the streets while the screams from the tortured fill the night air. I’m only a gentleman on rare occasion so take this moment to walk ahead of me. Shall we?

As you enter the crypts of “Third Level Of Internal Failure” you’ll notice that it’s well below freezing in this morgue type of atmosphere. Around each corner is a brand new room where people are being raped, some being tortured and even some being skinned alive while they barely hang on to life itself. Enter the main hall of the crypt, you’re welcomed by the blasting sounds of what seems to feel like grindcore but also gives off these vibes of old school 1980s death metal that might just collapse your lungs if you breath in at the wrong time. While the track “Devotees” is spiraling down your spine, you become overwhelmed with heat flashes that seem to melt the flesh off your body with how hot it’s getting. The first couple rooms (also known as tracks) remind you of some wicked, unholy adventure that creeps up on you in the wee hours of the morning while breathing ice cold glass into your neck. While the bleeding may stop for a moment, don’t think that this crypt of grind and death is over. No, no, it’s just beginning to get good and the glory of guts, space age torture and simple beheading is right around the next corner.

Half way through the crypt (also known as the record) you come to a stopping point where even though you know nothing can touch you physically, the temptation of just reaching out into a room to save one of the tortured souls is a must. Before we entered this place, you were warned that if you dared to touch anything, the consequences were going to bare no mercy nor would it be pleasant. Room six, also known as “Ice Mike” is the one room that nobody leaves once they enter. While the walls and the air in the room smell of rotting corpses and dirty clothes, you beginning to understand the warning that was dealt to you before you began this adventure under the city of Lost Sphere Project. Taking the first step in and you hear the loudest, most chaotic noise come over the loudspeaker in the room.

They’ve played this song over and over again while you were walking, being terrified, through this place known as “Third Level Of Internal Failure” but you have no idea what’s called. After you watch bodies being dismembered, cut into small pieces and cooked in the stew that the leaders feed the slaves, you learn that the track’s actually called “Vaginal Excavation”. Makes sense, right? The end is near and the journey you just witnessed is something that no man, woman, child or tortured soul should ever have to see with their own two eyes but that doesn’t mean that those people don’t deserve to feel a little torment and beheading, does it?

As you exit the crypt, you realize that something just isn’t right. You look around a bit and start to put things together, turning around and seeing that there is nothing behind you but mangled bodies, rape victims and child with no limbs. Was everything that you just witness even real? I suppose you’ll have to listen to the record to find out, won’t you. So, shall we?

[Positives = Sets images of utter chaos. If Switzerland needed a soundtrack for war, this is it. I wanted more and more at the end of the record.]
[Negatives = I wish certain songs were longer.]

Listen to “Dreams Are Gone” below:

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  1. Domino Media Agency

    August 4, 2011


    thx a lot


    A. / DMA

  2. Mat

    August 4, 2011

    Killer review dudes, thanx a lot!
    You seems appreciate our soundtrack, really happy for this, cheeeeers!

    • Nick Williams

      August 4, 2011

      Thanks Mat. I’m glad you guys dug the review as much as we dug the record. Hopefully once you guys get back in the studio to record again we can do something like this again.