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June 8, 2011

Hailing from Woodland, California is the Progressive Metal 5-piece that make beautiful tunes with the most of ease, say hello to Memento Mori. With a short 6 track full-length already under their wings called “Dreamers”, you would think an EP such as “Soundsoul” would just be a small sample of what’s to come, right? The previous statement is half right because even though it is a small sample what what this band plans to bring in the future, its’ also a whole different journey and realm, in my opinion. Only blasting out 4 tracks on this EP, it’s beyond enough to make you keep listening over and over, as I have been for the last 2 days straight. Also, keep in mind that these dudes love to dance, not sure what kind of dance but they love it, from what I hear. So put those happy feet on and let’s dance away in the wind with one of my favorite EPs I’ve heard in the last couple months, “Soundsoul”.

With most EPs you just want straight and to the point because all an EP really is it’s just a little preview, a sneak peek, to what the next full-length is going to sound like, in most cases. “Soundsoul” is exactly that, plus more, with none of it’s tracks hitting the 5 minute mark, this wonderland of a ride is a wonderful place to be. Can you say orgasmic to my ears? I just get this feeling that Memento Mori know exactly what they want out of a release, it just seems so easy for these dudes to play together and love what they do. From the melodic, softer parts to the tech-savvy guitar riffs and even with the tempo changes, you’ll never get bored or feel like you’re wasting a second of your time when you slap this beast of an EP on. Jose Romero & Richard Kokoletsos, both the guitarist in this slaughterhouse of a band, bring you warm hearted riffs from the belly of their weapons of choice.

On the other end, Adam Lara is nothing short of amazing on that bass, with just pure adrenaline and slamming with perfect pace along the whole EP, he is quickly becoming a great bass playing in my eyes. Tony Romero and Josh Bibby both bring magical things to the table as well though. Tony Romero, the drummer, is killing me with his tempo changes and quick hands/feet. Every time I listen to “The Future Thinker”, I’m blown away with just his skill and confidence behind the seat of those drums. Now, Josh, the vocalist, I have to give you a standing ovation for giving me everything I love in vocalist on a record. The scream aren’t to high so that I can’t stand them but they are also not guttural, just right and it’s the way I like it. Oh, and the way Jose sings on the track “All Things Must Pass”, it’s a beautiful piece of work with both melodic, slow parts and lead belly heaviness. My favorite track on the EP? I can’t pick one since they only have 4 tracks on it but even though “Traces” has no vocals, it’s a 4 minute onslaught of just wonderful, beautiful sections.

I’ve said before, in previous reviews, I can’t stand comparing bands to others because it takes away from the band at hand, but if I had to compare Memento Mori to one band and one band only, it would have to be Animals As Leaders. Keep in mind that Animals As Leaders do not have a vocalist but just the style and how impressed I am with Memento Mori, those dudes are up there with bands such as Animals As Leaders. I’ve also said this before in past reviews and I don’t say it much about bands or records because most stuff is just overwhelmed with unoriginality but Memento Mori is a very, very clean breathe of fresh air in the Progressive genre. Maybe I’m a fat liar or just some nut case who have no clue what he’s talking about but if you listen to this EP at any point in time, please do tell them what you think because they love feedback on any scale. Check out the links below for everything you need when it comes to Memento Mori and remember, keep those feet moving when you listen to this killer EP.

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