Neglected Skies – Diluted In Despair and Silence

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July 17, 2011

Welcome to the end! After the dust settles and you realize that no sign of human life will ever exist again, flashes of despair, silence, emptiness and solitude will soon be setting into your cold, emotionless body. The year is 2018 and you just witnessed the most catastrophic attack of mother nature that anyone has ever seen, the only probability is that you survived by pure luck and damnation. It was a normal Sunday afternoon in your hometown city of East Orange, New Jersey, you were getting ready to head into town for some errands when you realized that something is very strange, you can smell it in the air. As you drive down interstate 280 you get the sense that nothing is very calm or normal, the birds are flocking to the west, cars are stopping on the side of the highway for no particular reason at all and you have this gut feeling that death is knocking on your doorstep. Suddenly, a rush of hundred mile per hour winds destroy your vehicle and toss it into the siding of the bridge, the skies light up in a red/black color and souls begin to vanish at the blink of an eye. As you open your eyes from being knocked out, the iPod that you were listening to is still playing Neglected Skies’ demo “Diluted in Despair and Silence”, the perfect soundtrack to what you’re about to experience.

“Diluted In Despair and Silence” – The first track on this demo, provides a very subtle and calm mood yet it feels you up with worry and anxiety. A nineteen and a half minute track that smothers you in what sounds to be lightning strikes, haunting winds and barreling uneasiness, this track is simply the answer you need if you ever feel like damnation might be setting over you in the wicked sky that God has cursed. The other great thing about “Diluted In Despair and Silence” is that if you ever need the sense of solitude or pure isolation from the outside world, this track or even this demo can bring emotions to the surface that most debut, even veteran ambient projects, can’t.

“Gazing Into Blackened Dimensions” – If the first track collapsed your ribs by setting a global explosion inside of your inner organs, “Gazing Into Blackened Dimensions” will probably set you on fire, with it’s howling tones and infinite amounts of structure. This track provides you with some ambient noises that I haven’t heard be used alone in a very long time. It just goes to show that people are still learning the roots of noise/ambient tunes and if they can be original with how they place certain sections into each track, the life of this genre is far from dead.

“Gazing Into Blackened Dimensions” is also the end of this demo. Yes, a two track demo that can provide you with sleep or massive amounts of illusions inside that small little brain of yours. It’s never ending with Neglected Skies, a pure rush of boiling blood and sacrifice that I’m glad I came across in this time of despair and silence.

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