Nin Hur Sag By Erragal

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September 17, 2011

There are moments of beauty on the new “Nin Hur Sag” EP by Erragal.  I often question whether I am capable of recognizing beauty or even if such a thing exists.  Are there moments, objects or thoughts that go beyond the mere pale of the world we live in and for a moment attach themselves to the endless, timeless skyline?  Certainly an idea like beauty should not be considered lightly.  After all, if everything is beautiful, how can anything be transcendent?  Beauty must transcend our world on some level, otherwise why would it not just fade into the constant stream of images and ideas that defines our world.  Beauty has to be rare; otherwise it would be merely ordinary.

Nin Hur Sag is not an ordinary record.  It has fleeting glimpses of something genuine and extraordinary.  Not all moments are perfect, but how many perfect moments do we really see in a lifetime?  A few maybe, if we are lucky.  A few scattered visions of something beyond what we know.  They are there.  As I sit in the winding, breathless darkness I feel a flicker here and there.  Something memorable, something transcendent.

There are moments here.  When I have forgotten who and where I am, it must be because I have seen something.  For a moment, I am gone.  For a moment, I am connected.  There are moments here and that is something.

Beauty needs to happen by accident.  Nothing that announces itself beautiful can truly be.  Everything wants to be beautiful on some level; we cannot simply take it at its word.  We must ask for more.  To be beautiful, a thing must be aware of all parts, including its lowest parts. Not aware in a way that blinds you, but in a way that subtly announces a connection to a deeper place.  It must know the whole of its being as an afterthought.  It must know itself and forget itself all at once.

There are moments here.  Brief, passing, but real.  There are moments of something more.  Something stirs in the darkness.  I know it without seeing it.  I breathe it.  Somewhere in the darkness, in the endless, timeless distance, there is a moment.  You may not see it, it may simply be another in a series of endless illusions, but I know it.  Somehow.  I know it as sure as I know I am sitting here.  There are moments here. Something.

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  1. cornered in a dream

    October 5, 2011

    amazing track .. really loved it .. and the review is perfect !