Review of Devil’s Magister Mundi Xum EP

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August 8, 2011

Devil. From the Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973).

Eddie Fingers:  You don’t understand like I understand, I got certain responsibilities.

Jackie Brown:  Look, I told you I understand….Did you get my name or didn’t you?

Eddie Fingers:  I got your name.

Jackie Brown:  Well alright.

Eddie Fingers:  Alright nothin’….I wish’d I had a nickel for every name I got that was alright.  (puts hand on table) Look at that…you know what that is?

Jackie Brown:  Your hand.

Eddie Fingers:  I hope you look closer at those guns then you did that hand…look at your own goddamn hand….count your knuckles.

Jackie Brown:  All of ‘em.

Eddie Fingers:  Count as many as you want.  As many as you got, I got four more.  You know how I got those?  I bought some stuff from a man, I knew his name.  The stuff was traced.  The guy I bought it for, he’s at MCI/Walpole for 15 to 25. He’s still in there.  But he had some friends.  I got an extra set of knuckles.  They put your hand in the drawer and somebody kicks the drawer shut.  Hurt like a bastard.

Jackie Brown:  Jesus.

Eddie Fingers:  What makes it hurt worse, what makes it hurt more is knowing what’s going to happen to you.  You know.  There you are, they just come up to you and say “look you made somebody mad, you made a big mistake and now there’s somebody doin’ time for it.  There’s nothing personal in it, you understand, but it just has to be done. Now get your hand out there.”  You think about not doing it, you know.

When I was a kid in Sunday school, this nun, she used to say stick your hand out.  I’d stick my hand out and WHAP she’d knock me across the knuckles with a steel-edged ruler.  So one day I says, when she told me stick your hand out, I says “No”.  She whapped me right across the face with the ruler.  Same thing. They put your hand in a drawer and somebody kicks the door shut.  Ever hear bones breakin’?  Just like a man snappin’ a shingle.  Hurts like a bastard.  I don’t know who you’ve been selling to.  But the man tells me you got guns to sell, I need guns.

Jackie Brown:  Look, you can’t trace these guns.  I guarantee that.

Eddie Fingers:  You better.  Or neither one of us will be able to shake hands.

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