Shroud Eater – ThunderNoise

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June 27, 2011

Somewhere in a tiny shed towards the shores of Florida’s beautiful coast line, a creature with monstrous fangs and rabid claws dwells. Never seeing the light of day, you would think it was a night hunter that will only sneak up on his prey, right? They call this demonic creature Shroud Eater, and earlier this year that beast released one hell of a record titled “ThunderNoise”. Scratching and clawing their way through the streets of Miami, FL, Shroud Eater has overcame some amazing battles on the way to releasing this record. Being an unsigned band, a three piece and coming from Florida, where the metal scene seems to be flooded with death/tech-death projects. Shroud Eater has proven that you can be a three piece doom outfit from Florida and make moves so loud that it separates mountains.

As you walk down the sidewalk of any random street in a big city you’ll see concrete covered in dry blood, filth and just ugliness. “ThunderNoise” gives you that sense of big city dreams except with a huge flavor of southern spice. Very gritty bass lines that sound as if they are echoing from the depths of hell itself. Janette Valentine does an amazing job at keeping her sections fresh, full of excitement and pretty much a never ending cycle of kick ass. The guy behind the kit, Felipe Torres, can also bring some massive volumes that fit in perfectly to this thunderous record. The way he slams the snare and uses that kick drum is something like I’ve never heard on a sludge/doom record before. He puts soul into his playing and thinks about each and every pattern, at least to me it seems that way. Jeannie Saiz, the vocalist and guitarist for this hell bound of a project, is simply phenomenal from beginning to end also. Her voice has that rough, southern woods type feel to it that most men, let alone woman can get while screaming.

“ThunderNoise” provides eleven tracks spanning over a forty-three minute length, trust me when I say it’s the perfect length. The record doesn’t overstay it’s welcome nor does it leave you begging for me. When I say it doesn’t make you beg for more, it will but you’ll get your fill with one full spin of the record, no doubt about that. Another great thing about “ThunderNoise” is that even though it sets moods of southern cooking, fireworks, BBQ and just family acting a little crazy while drinking a bit, you still get the very clean guitar riffs. The opening to the track “Shark Valley” is something I would think I would hear in a Tool track, honestly. It’s refreshing to hear a sludge/doom outfit use some clean riffs but also remember their roots in the filthiness.

Picture this if you will; as you prepare for a long day, you walk outside and smell the burning of what seems to be trees. You also smell the fresh air as the birds sing, knowing that today will be an amazing day. You think to yourself, “Is there anything that could make this day better?”, finally it hits you, Shroud Eater! Pop that record in or hit play on your iPod and let’s get this day on with because nothing screams “amazing day” like some Shroud Eater.

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