Sicktrip – Demo ’11

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June 18, 2011

In a country that has great landscapes for a honeymoon or a place where you can get your tex evasion on with a Swiss bank account, Switzerland isn’t really known for it’s Crust/Grind bands. A band that has been making noise since the year of 2009, Sicktrip went 2 long years without making a demo or recording anything for release. Fast track to 2011, Sicktrip finally puts out a demo that is destroying the blogspots for Crust/Grind/D-Beat and Noise.

Six tracks filled with anarchy, filth, ugliness and complete rotten sound, this demo is everything you need if you hate polished records that are produced crystal clear. Sicktrip does have two vocalist so if it seems that way, that’s because it is. “Suckerpunch” sets you up for the rest of the record, low growls, high pitch screams and some muffled beats/riffs. The first half of this demo gives you just pure heaviness, aggression and distortion but the second half feeds off that hardcore/thrash feel. I may not be the most educated person when it comes to describing Crust/Grind but I can tell you if Switzerland keeps breeding these kind of bands, I’m ready to welcome them all with open arms. Growing up I thought certain bands were “chaotic” or “intense”, that totally changes once you hear stuff from other countries or even different genres.

“Armed Fucks”, the second track on this demo proves that. With in your face riffs that will leave you with a broken neck and wondering to yourself, “What just happened? Why am I foaming out of the mouth while this record is playing?”. The first time you actually listen to this demo you might not get it but after a couple listens, let that ship sink in and destroy your brain cells. The demo is repulsive, smelly as shit and has a overwhelming smell of decaying bodies, all in a good way. “Armageddon Dickhead” is when the hardcore/thrash influence seem to kick in. Slams and breaks that will have you wondering if this is a completely different record.

Overall, a great piece of work from a five piece project that will be storming out of Switzerland in the coming years, at least I hope. Hopefully in the coming months I can win the lottery and get these guys over here to do a full blown American tour. If not, the demo will have to hold me over until I can get my lazy ass over to see how killer these guys are live. Check this great record out in the links below and remember, if your grandmother doesn’t approve of Crust/Grind/Powerviolence/Thrash, tie that bitch up and throw her into the river.

Official Website. Official BandCamp. Official Myspace. Official Youtube. Official Buy their shit here.

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