Sounds of Laughter – Premonitions

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July 2, 2011

Have you every thought about just saying “to hell with it” and restarting your whole life? Leaving everything behind that you love and hate. The stress, the family, the bills, the day in and day out bullshit that tears you down because it’s too much of a load. Certain records make me feel exactly like this, they give me hope that I can survive with nothing but my own soul and my own willpower to keep pushing forward. Hell, some of the records that make me feel that way are the most negative ones. The type of records that put you down and tell you that you won’t ever accomplish anything. Think of those negative records as your father, he only pushes you and puts you down because he loves you and he knows you can do anything you want, just have to push for it.

Blasting out of Evansville, Indiana, Sounds of Laughter is a hardcore punk outfit that will beat you down, only to help you get right back up so they can give you a hug. “Premonitions” provides you with seven tracks spanning just around the eleven minute mark in length, the greatest eleven minutes I spent with a record, that’s for sure. “Premonitions” gives off overwhelming vibes that these guys are just not happy with how things have turned out but they are far from giving up. Three different things describe this record; raw emotion, unforgivable volumes of beautiful sounds and questioning of anything holy. Raw emotion – The heart and soul that “Premonitions” has is just insane. You can tell that Sounds of Laughter left their whole heart on this record, nothing is substituted and nothing is fake.

Unforgivable volumes of beautiful sound – The riffs and drum patterns may not be the heaviest we’ve heard nor are they going to split your skull in two but they are oh so beautiful and catchy, in a very mean and disturbing way. Questioning everything that is holy – This one is probably the biggest one for me since I love any record that makes me question my beliefs or what I believe in. Lyrics that question God and how his followers do things, lyrics that make you want to call your ex’s and call them a whore for cheating on you and just pure anger for the pathetic world we live in.

My desolate corner is more heavenly. Than all your faith combined. Don’t need a cross or a friend to talk to. To find my peace of mind. Sharper image Jesus Christ. Fills the minds of green lust eyes. Why the hell do gods need gold. To bless your fucking lives. Churchgoer, my god is promising. Churchgoer, my god is truthful. I search for answers, not for reasons. I’m not taunted by your demons.

With all of that said, you can’t help but think of records such as “Violence Violence” by Ceremony or “Turn It Around” by Comeback Kid when you you listen to Sounds of Laughter. It’s just a feeling you get that makes you want to say fuck it all and start a new adventure without anyone by your side. If you want to take that journey, I’m sure “Premonitions” could keep you company as you burn in the heat of summer and freeze in the dead of winter. Two thumbs way up for Sounds of Laughter’s “Premonitions”, two thumbs way down for anyone that doesn’t want to believe in us.

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