Strawberry Alarm Clock – Wake Up….It’s Tomorrow

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June 15, 2011

Being born in the mid-80’s, psychedelic rock wasn’t around as much as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Led Zepplin and Rush, atleast in my household. For so many years I was blind to so many different genres of music, being raised by metal loving rockers can do that to you. It’s only been a couple years since I’ve broadened my horizons and started listening to psychedelic rock. I don’t blame my parents for raising me on heavy metal and classic rock but I do wonder why they never dug this stuff as much as I do now. Strawberry Alarm Clock, the one band that stole my heart as quick as my first true girlfriend did, never seems to fade or get old. Releasing the classic song “Incense and Peppermints”, they could do no wrong in my eyes.

“Wake Up….It’s Tomorrow” was released in 1968, a little over two decades before my mother gave birth to me. Still to this day, the record holds up among it’s peers in the world of psychedelic rock. It’s the soundtrack to the late 60’s and early 70’s, a time before everything became insanity and pure chaos. It promotes freedom, worry free days and nights and just living life doing anything you want. If Strawberry Alarm Clock never released albums, bands like Brand New and Clues wouldn’t be around, in my opinion. Strawberry Alarm Clock gave the world structure, it revived the way psychedelic rock was listened to and they even made people pay attention. “Wake Up….It’s Tomorrow” starts off with separating the instruments and getting everything on path for a fairy tale journey through an imaginary world. It’s magical because they sort of did a preemptive strike on the studio before they got into recording this record. Each song is different, “Nightmare of Percussion” gives you guitar and drums in the left side of your speakers while the bass, triangle and vocals etc. are on the right.

Skip a couple tracks down to “They Saw The Fat One Coming”, everything changes and it’s all sorted out in different speakers, unlike before. A pure blissful of an album is only something Strawberry Alarm Clock can create, no band in history has touched me as they have or the way “Wake Up….It’s Tomorrow” has, or ever will. In my perfect world, these guys would still be releasing records and they would still be touring but with old age catching up to them and other problems within the band, it will never happen the way I wish it could. Historical bands give you historical records, “Wake Up…It’s Tomorrow” proves that theory on so many different levels.

If the world was cold, damp, gloomy and marsh like, Strawberry Alarm Clock could rebirth everything in the surrounding area from the ground up. Having blossoms evolve into bright, amazing flowers while the birds sings in the trees, it would be a perfect world if these guys were still around making tunes like the used to. I may favor a couple different genres of music these days but I would always pick Starwberry Alarm Clock over anything you put in front of me, period.

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