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June 26, 2011

If anyone reading this knows me or talks to me on a regular basis, you should know that the more chaotic a record is, the faster I’ll fall in love with it. It’s certain records, such as Suffer’s “Lone”, really show me that you can be insanely all over the place but still make a record sound like it all makes sense. The perfect example is Wormrot, anything those guys put out just consumes me and takes over my ears for a solid month. Hell, the new Wormrot record, “Dirge”, has been played over five hundred times since it was put up for free download. True, it’s only eighteen minutes in length but it’s monstrous. Anyway, the reason I’m putting this in the review is simply because Suffer is starting to have that effect on me as well.

The urge to just destroy everything in my home, set fire to the neighbor’s animals and just cleanse this whole fucking earth of it’s filth and sludge, that’s what this record does to me. Ripping riffs from the guitars, you know, the ones that make you wanna quit playing any instrument you’ve practiced for several years. Yeah, those kind of riffs. Drum patterns that are sometimes so off beat it makes no sense, but the enjoyment I get out of hearing them is completely beyond me. Suffer – Australian powerviolence that will give you unforgiving force and drive. “Lone” provides twelve tracks of very aggressive, fast paced tunes that will have you wanting to beat your own skull against a concrete block. With the tracks that are on this record you won’t be getting flowers and bright blue skies.

Suffer offers you hate, filth, disgust, decay and dismay, except it’s not on a golden plate, it’s on a fresh skull that has it’s top cut off so you can see the brain still pulsing. I can’t complain about the length of the record nor can I complain about the length of any of the tracks but I can complain about one thing. The only thing I ask for with the next release, give me more tracks. Twelve tracks is plenty but for a hungry fucking asshole who loves powerviolence or crust punk, I need more like 20 or so tracks. See? More like a compliment rather than a complaint. Another huge plus about this record is that nearly half way through it, you get a massive five minute long track in “Drown”. Prepare for a more slowed down powerviolence, the great feedback and of course, angry dudes that just want to rape and pillage everything in sight. Five full minutes of just pounding, ripping and lovely torture is just what I need on a Sunday afternoon.

Final verdict is that this record is something you don’t want to fuck with. It has the intensity of a million warriors from China, the integrity of a thousand mothers that have had their daughters kidnapped and the rawness of a cow that just got skinned. So, if I was you, I would download this record and blast it at full volume so you can make everything surrounding you explode.

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