The River North – The River North EP

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July 3, 2011

Earlier this week I was searching through the bandcamp records and I got the bright idea to see what I could find if I searched for “Arkansas” in the tag section. Little did I know that I would actually stumble across a nice piece of acoustic work from a Fayetteville, AR project titled The River North. I’ve always been a fan of people who leave themselves very bare with just an acoustic guitar and the voice that God blessed them with. It reminds me of that feeling I get when the family and I go camping in August, just the smell of nature, the lake and campfires. Call me a soft piece of shit, call me a weak individual or just call me a pussy but acoustic music is some of the best recorded stuff I’ve heard, ever.

“The River North EP” let’s you explore amazing acoustic work from Sir Charlie Walker and a guest appearance from Brady Pettit, a very talented violinist. The images and vibes I get from this EP are very much laid-back and just relaxing. “The River North EP” is the type of record I could put on while laying underneath the stars with a beautiful woman, I could spin this record while falling asleep and I could spin it while I’m down and thinking about life. It just gives you that vibe that everything’s going to work out and to not stress about the small things we have to deal with in life. It’s an adventure through a wonderland of hope, inspiration, positivity and pure talent when you listen to Charlie Walker on this record. You get eight tracks that span a little over twenty-nine minutes in length, in my opinion, that’s the perfect length for an acoustic record. The first couple tracks are pretty much the build section while the middle, “Fireside”, “Crossing The Delaware” and “Let’s Sink Some Bridges”, are pure bliss to my ears.

Pretty much growing up around Fayetteville, AR, I could actually picture the city as I listened to this record. The late nights I would stay up just so I could see the girl I was crushing on so heavy or the horrible nights I had where fights that almost ended in bloodshed. “The River North EP” takes me back, it takes me back to a time when I had no cares in the world and everything was beyond easy. In a way, this record gives me some form of closure because of how real and heartfelt it is. Honestly, I would go so far as to say that if Charlie and Brady wanted to just come over and play while I fall asleep, I would be perfectly happy to let them. They could both play all night until I was asleep like a newborn baby.

So, what I’ve learned from this EP is that acoustic music can repair a ton of bleeding wounds but can also grab my attention just like it used to when I was high school. The River North is a beautiful, dedicated creating force that can only go up in my book. A great record if you want to just relax, forget about what happened that day and just dream away into imagination world. Two thumbs up for The River North and two thumbs up extremely high for “The River North EP”.

Official Facebook. Download the record here.

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