Verwüstung – Beyond the Watercooler Sunset, We Feel New Life

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June 23, 2011

As you enter the hallway to your new apartment building, you hear small whispers of conversation as people give you looks of despair, emptiness and fright. You open the door to your brand new apartment, only to find that everything has been destroyed. Small fires are set in corners, blood soaked sheets and pillows are thrown all over the place. You feel helpless, so helpless that you literally just want to jump out the window of your brand new apartment and let your body twist and dangle as you fall four stories to your death. These are the type of things that your imagination dreams of when you listen to “Beyond the Watercolor Sunset, We Feel New Life” from Verwüstung.

Dwelling deep inside the San Francisco, CA walls is a man that goes by the name Verwüstung. While he does have a couple side-projects, Camlann and Airs, Verwüstung seems to be his golden pot of joy, which is a great thing. With “Beyond the Watercooler Sunset, We Feel New Life” you’ll get one solid track that is a little under 30 minutes in length. As Verwüstung labels his music Black/Drone/Doom metal, you really can’t grab onto anything that’s similar to Drone or Doom. The track starts out by setting the mood perfectly, small guitar riffs echo through the trees as you seem to wake from your slumber. You get yourself ready for the day by cleaning and eating some food, now it’s off to find what adventures are held for you in the wilderness. Chants of helplessness catch your ear, you hear two women talking about how the other is addicted to things that the devil himself would enjoy. Screams and pain hit the clouds as if the addicted woman is in the pain of her life. Around the six minute mark is when the shit hits the fan, with distorted black metal riffs and surging feedback, you might want to strap yourself in for the ride..

This record is split-up into different chapters, you have the wondering paths of massive order and calmness and you have the chapters that will decay your inner thoughts of any beauty you can think of. Skip forward to around the sixteen minute mark and you’ll feel so filthy and rotten that your teeth are falling out by themselves. Hope seems to be a theme on this record, at least for me. The way that the acoustic guitar just barrels through everything on the calm sections, it gives you that warmth that you missed as a child. While you listen to this record, atmospheres come alive, literally. You’ll be able to smell smoke from a campfire, you can imagine birds flying in the sky and the spring time breeze just brush up against your cheeks. Four chapters, divided into two sections each; one for black metal, one for acoustic sets. The last leg of this record is a full on black metal section, filled with tones of grief, despair and just distortion that most major black metal bands can’t seem to get right. Prepare for a very chilling yet amazing, sunny adventure with “Beyond the Watercoolor Sunset, We Feel New Life” because it’s exactly what you’ll get from this masterpiece.

So, what have we gathered from our garden of raw talent? Well, I learned that anything this man releases will be greatness and I’ll be waiting for whatever you wants to drop on my head. I also learned that you can have clear landscapes filled with breezes and mystical emotions but on the other hand, that landscape is filled with evil, dark, twisted images that no man nor woman should have to be apart of. Verwüstung – He loves to give you hope, bring you joy and make you feel on cloud nine but he will also show you some of the most wicked atmospheres your eyes will ever see.

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