Worship – Dooom

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June 21, 2011

Rejection, depression, suicidal thoughts, in-depth ways to just block out everything this world has to offer, these are the feelings I receive while listening to “Dooom” by the almighty Worship. Death seems to follow this band in more ways than one, back in 2001 their old vocalist “Fucked-up Mad Max”, also apart of Kult and Beer Vomit, killed himself by jumping off a bridge while on a trip in Canada. Worship disbanded after the tragedy but quickly come back the following year and released four splits in the span of five years. Fast-foward to 2007, “Dooom” was giving to us on a golden plate covered in anguish, sadness and overwhelming thoughts of suicide.

The way this record presents itself is similar to a very slowly rotting disease that eats away at you until you just want to hang yourself inside a very small closet. Eight tracks spanning over an hour and twelve minutes, you never feel free while listening to this record, “Dooom” makes you feel trapped inside a glass cube while being raped with regret and suffering. Prepare to battle with personal demons, inner struggles and the decision on whether you even want to live anymore. The atmosphere this record brings are some that I’ve never felt before, it reminds me of the souls I’ve lost in the past, makes me questions the choices I made up to this point in my life and even makes me question if I’m worth a shit. On the opposite side, in a very dark, twisted way this record can be beautiful, tranquil and full of hope that only the stronger souls can get in touch with.

“Through blood and thorns I wandered, freezing, aching, bound for a ruined cathedral below. All is dead, look! Only rust, and debris, and shells of stone remain, drowning in ashes, as if we had never been. Everyone I had ever known. Everyone I’d ever meet. Everyone I ever loved. Gone with the centuries, lost under a sea of ashes.”

Lyrics such as these are exactly what you will get in this grief stricken, gloom filled record. In a world were nothing matters except bringing everything around you down and escaping the heartache of the lies from the human race, Worship does that very well. Another huge plus about this record is the way it creeps and ponders around the slowness of it. The way the record just barely moves along with it’s unforgiving riffs of sorrow, vocals of despair and very, very slow drum beats, if suicide ever had an official soundtrack, “Dooom” would be it. If you think tracks likes “Dopesmoker” from Sleep, anything by Sunn O))), Earth or Bongripper are slow, think again because this record sure does pack a punch. Many like to think of Worship as Funeral Doom but they have that influence of Drone also, so maybe Funeral Drone? Either way, as much as I hate the inner struggles and battles this record gives me, I can’t seem to tear myself away from it.

Any record that makes me wanna hang myself from a tree or run into on coming traffic, that record is worthy of being played multiple times a week in my book. Worship have been releasing glorious records over the years and hopefully the next split/ep/full-length will be just as mighty as this sword is.

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