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July 13, 2011

What if when we were born, we were given a spear, a wooden shield and small armor that would only protect the upper half of our bodies. As we grow old, the scars become larger and sleazier but you become stronger and immune to the toxins that the elders feed us at dinner. The longer your survive in this world that they call “YGG”, the more eager you get to escape and set sail on a journey much more adventurous. The only problem is that YGG is a town that has characteristics similar to a black hole, so it looks like whatever we try, nobody is ever going to escape this town for a very long time.

YGG is a three piece Ukraine outfit that offers something rejuvenating yet somewhat unorthodox when it comes to playing black metal. With a freshman release in their self-titled record “YGG”, this project is already starting to open huge wooden doors to a castle that will bring nothing but glorious eruptions of madness. With seven tracks that last a little over an hour in length, this record is guaranteed to have the demons inside you show themselves and do a little jig beside you. I can’t promise that everyone will dig what YGG does but if you dig any form of black metal, “YGG” might be able to fill you up until the next release from this trio. Setting up atmospheres that God himself couldn’t even create, YGG seems to have learned that no matter the speed you play at, the listener will dig what you do as long as you put heart into it.

I can admit this, if I had the option to pick a handful of records that I could just fuck until my dick fell off, “YGG” would be one of them. From the intro track that sets this very foggy, muggy lake setting where you could imagine tons of bodies have been buried or drowned, to the last second of the record where it seems like the killer has finished everything that needed to be done. “Гимн природы”, the fourth track on the record has to be the one where YGG set themselves apart from most black metal outfits these days. It isn’t crushing, hell-on-wheels black metal but it still has that vibe that some creature could creep up behind you and suffocate you for no reason at all.

The Ukrainians seem to be learning very quickly on what they love and want to produce. Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t heard many “great” Ukraine projects over the years. I can say this though, if they keep coming out of the dark shadows as YGG has, I’ll be very interested and pleased with what I’ll be hearing. In the long haul, I would recommend this record to anyone who wants a vivacity to the black metal scene. Also, if you want to fuck the hell out of record until your dick collapses in victory or pain, check out “YGG”.

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