Advent Sorrow, “Before The Dimming Light EP” Review

July 28, 2012

“…for a self-released (and apparently also self-produced) EP, this is incredible. [. . .] The album’s concept lies in the atrocities of a serial killer and the subsequent punishment for his crimes, and is a deftly woven narrative made all the better by the equally entertaining instrumentals and songwriting.”

Space Bong – The Death of Utopia

July 29, 2011

On a very hot day at the lake, the degrees are getting up in the 100s and there’s no sign of the Gods sending reinforcements of winter cold breezes. As the day starts to wind down and the heat is

Neglected Skies – Diluted In Despair and Silence

July 17, 2011

Welcome to the end! After the dust settles and you realize that no sign of human life will ever exist again, flashes of despair, silence, emptiness and solitude will soon be setting into your cold, emotionless body. The year is

Suffer – Lone

June 26, 2011

If anyone reading this knows me or talks to me on a regular basis, you should know that the more chaotic a record is, the faster I’ll fall in love with it. It’s certain records, such as Suffer’s “Lone”, really