Tethrippon (Τέθριππον) – Tethrippon

December 4, 2011

By description alone Grecian band  stands out. Formed in 2006, the two founding members play a style of martial folk wholly dedicated to and influenced by the spirit of their Hellenic ancestors. After two initial independent releases, the project was signed to

Katerina Stamatelos: A Look At A Modern Atonal Composer

September 21, 2011

Katerina Stamatelos, an avant-garde composer native to Greece, who has been experimenting in quite a modernist manner with the twentieth century classical techniques such as atonalism, serialism, and algorithmic-structuralism. She has received far too many degrees and rewards to specifically list, many of them

A Lo-Fi’s Deprivation

June 3, 2011

During my ever arresting journey through cyberspace, a gold nugget fell at my feet via the undead nation known as Myspace. An unknown musician from Greece, who is currently even alias free, just released a demo for his personal project