Help The Last Hangmen fund their next album, and get cool shit!

August 20, 2012

The Last Hangmen have announced their next CD, “Executing Empires”, and they want you to help get it out there! Also, when you donate to the campaign, you’ll get some awesome, unique rewards as well. Donate here until October 1st:

“Go forth of the ark…” (A review of N.O.A.H. by KadavriK)

January 14, 2012

“Sharing this duality is yet another talented band from Germany; KadavriK is a five-piece Melodic Death/ Black Metal hybrid that likes to oscillate back and forth between harmony and dissonance, good and evil, hope and despair. Both in their instrumentation as well as in their words, this struggle presents itself…”

The Last Hangmen, “Servants Of Justice” Review

January 9, 2012

“Not to be taken for granted, The Last Hangmen has taken this several steps further. In their debut album, “Servants Of Justice”, the band stands in as judge, jury, and executioner. In fact, the entire album seethes with a malicious intent which blasts through your speakers to grab you by the neck and mete out unholy punishment.”

Dissecting CARCASS’ “Heartwork” – Fourth Incision…Heartwork

October 23, 2011

This is the fourth in a  of articles analyzing the lyrics from the 1993  album “Heartwork”. Heartwork Works of art, painted black Magniloquent, bleeding dark Monotonous palate, murky spectrum, grimly unlimited Food for thought, so prolific In contrasting shades, forcedly fed Abstraction,

Dissecting CARCASS’ “Heartwork” – Third Incision…No Love Lost

October 16, 2011

This is the third in a  of articles analyzing the lyrics from the 1993  album “Heartwork”. No Love Lost Sensual awakening Numbing feelings dead Conceptions romanticized Synthesized broken hearts to bled Without emotion your heartstrings played Strummed and severed to the tune

Leviathan – Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt. 1

September 8, 2011

Hailing from Bonn, Germany, is a five-piece band that exemplifies almost everything I love about metal as an art form. From their skillful genre blending to their spectacular songwriting and instrumentation, Leviathan knows exactly what it takes to create an