Beyond Creation – The Aura

January 5, 2012

With technical death metal on a rapid decline, I figured now would be a good time to start sifting through recent tech death releases. It’s understandable that a subgenre which focuses on technical proficiency and blazing speeds would face an

Casket Robbery EP Release and Tour

November 8, 2011

Our friends at Casket Robbery, the technical death metal band, have some exciting news for you all. They have a new EP planned for release within the next month or so called, “Shrouded In Darkness,” and a tour across the

Chronicling the “Agony” of War

September 4, 2011

Sometimes I sit and wonder if I have what it takes to survive Nuclear Armageddon. Would I be a scavenger, bleakly sifting through the detritus of an extinct society? Or would I only be counted among the billions of dead?

End Reality – Three Distraught Monkeys

August 15, 2011

My whole life I’ve lived by one saying and one saying only, I live for today and only today because tomorrow is never promised in this world. Several people, along with my parents have never understood why I live in

Cory Scheider: Blazing A Brutal Trail

July 20, 2011

Cory Scheider is someone walking a very promising path within the metal world. I was originally acquainted with him via Nick’s of ‘s self-titled EP. It didn’t take me long to learn how dedicated he is to his music while

Spawn of Possession Begins to Record New Record

June 24, 2011

Drummer Henrik “Morris” Schönström of Swedish technical death metallers SPAWN OF POSSESSION has entered  in Kristianopel, Sweden with engineer Magnus “Mankan” Sedenberg to begin recording the band’s new album for a fall release via Relapse Records. The CD will contain nine tracks plus an

Decapitated – New Album Info/Audio Preview

June 18, 2011

Polish technical death metal band  will release their fifth studio album, “Carnival Is Forever”, in North America on July 12 via . The CD’s cover art was created by Lukasz Jaszak and can be seen below. “Carnival Is Forever” track listing:  The

Casket Robbery – Casket Robbery

June 13, 2011

As the chapels of holy spirits and undying religion burst into a raging ball of hatred, Casket Robbery are the ones left standing over the burning corpse while laughing. Hailing from Madison, WI, this 2 piece brutal death project promises